Select your VACATION RENTAL Dates for 2020

Select your VACATION RENTAL Dates for  2020

This home may be reserved and leased by the month for limited months.

Lawn care, Utilities and Wi Fi services are included in the Fee.The upgraded TV service of the seven flat screened TV's is provided free of charge, with service from DISH TV.

  The home will be cleaned by our cleaning staff every two weeks. Linens, towels, bedding, soaps and cleaning supplies are all included for your use.

The kitchens are equipped with appliances, pots & pans and glassware and dishware as well as equipment for making large meals to the small snacks in the microwave.  

Select your dates:

 January  1st - 30th        $7, 900.00

February  1st  - 29th  -    $7,900.00

Should you prefer to stay for two continuous months Jan1st - Feb 29th - $15,000.00

Call for March consideration and dates.

A refundable security deposit of $1,500 is required should there be accidental breakage or damage.The purchase of a renters policy for accidental damage may also suffice.

Reservations may be secured with the payment of 40% of the rent, the remainder to be paid no less than 45 days prior to move-in. No application fee. Signing of the lease by all parties.

"Live the Dream" in the best Del Webb active community in Texas. Our custom Sun City Home can be your vacation spot in Texas while you visit your family and friends in the warm climate of our Texas winter.